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Opacity and Transparency in Games.
Metroidvania versus Free View
/ Open World

Ruins, mountains, caves and subterranean corridors are elements of digital games that offer either hiding places or lookout points for the player. Games can either provide for anxiety or for the feeling of empowerment by staging the environment as transparent and conceivable, or – as Metroidvania games do – by keeping a high level of obscurity, dark lighting and unpredictability. The presentation will demonstrate how game designers accomplish atmospheric settings with the aid of light, particle effects, camera angles and geometry. Ludic experience is compared to the spatial perception and the related affective impact.

2023/11_24/mathias-fuchs_opacity-and-transparency-in-games-metroidvania-versus-free-view-open-world /2023/11_24/mathias-fuchs_opacity-and-transparency-in-games-metroidvania-versus-free-view-open-world/ /2023/11_24/mathias-fuchs_opacity-and-transparency-in-games-metroidvania-versus-free-view-open-world/cover/
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Programme (2023)#

Jeudi 23 novembre

“introduction” de 9h30 à 10h avec les organisateurs du colloque Pierre Cassou‐Noguès, Stéphane Degoutin, Arnaud Regnaud et Gwenola Wagon

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